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There's more than one way to scam a handicap system
Old 07-20-2017, 10:58 PM
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There's more than one way to scam a handicap system

Everybody recognizes sandbagging as a cancer in league bowling. Scam the system long enough and the league falls apart. People are not stupid enough to donate to thieves.

But there is another way to take advantage without having to bowl badly and deflate one's average. Consider a league that has few bowlers averaging 230 and a handicap system set at 90% of 210. In the annual meeting a handicap of 90% of 230 is proposed and the people averaging more than 210 fight it with venom...or guile

"I don't know why you want to give me more handicap!" is repeated each year. Consider it. If you average 210 or less, you get 18 more pins and those averaging 211 or more get less than 18 pins. 230 average guys get ZERO and you get 18. How many games have you lost by less than 18 pins? Put two 230 bowlers on one team and it becomes 36 pins!

Why should a 210 bowler spot everybody 90%, but a 230 bowler spot everybody less than 90%.

This is a dirty little secret that the masses fall for for a while....then the league rots from the inside out.

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Re: There's more than one way to scam a handicap system
Old 07-21-2017, 03:37 AM
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Re: There's more than one way to scam a handicap system

Fortunately, most of the handicap leagues in which I bowl have finally adopted a handicap method based on the highest average in the league (as USBC recommends). It seems to take a lot of math examples to show league members that they are actually spotting bowlers (who average higher then 210) extra pins each and every game. It has also been my observation that some league secretaries either are ignorant of these USBC guidelines for handicap leagues or conveniently ignore them.
Handicaps (Rule 100g) - Handicapping is a means of placing bowlers and teams with varying degree of skill on as equitable a basis as possible for their competition against each other.

A handicap league must decide if individual or team handicapping will be used. We recommend the individual handicap method for leagues offering individual handicap prizes.

A handicap league must also decide what percentage and base will be used. Without a rule, a handicap league must use 100%. USBC recommends higher handicap percentages such as 100% be used for more equalized matches. The scratch base handicap is figured from should be greater than the highest team or individual entering average. For example, if the highest entering individual average is 218, handicap should be 100% of 220.

Another option is to adopt a rule that provides a negative handicap for all bowlers with an average above the base figure. For example, 100% handicap of 200, average is 220, bowler receives -20 handicap. Be advised that some secretarial systems do not support this option.
—quoted from "USBC: Rules to Consider"

Another thing to consider: When developing a prize list for a handicap league, should there be a category for "scratch high game, series, etc.?

A few years ago in my THS league there were about 30-300 games. Each bowler split the scratch prize for a whopping $7/bowler.
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Re: There's more than one way to scam a handicap system
Old 07-23-2017, 01:19 PM
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Re: There's more than one way to scam a handicap system

There is no secret. Numbers tell the truth.

I averaged 229 last season, 224 the, season before. If I go to an event that has brackets with handicap at 75% of 220… ..guess what I'm playing more of scratch or handicap? Handicap.

Any league needs to set team or individual handicap at or above the highest person or team average. If you average 220 and handicap is off anything below it, you have an advantage.
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