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900 Global X2 video and written review
Old 10-27-2017, 12:50 PM
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900 Global X2 video and written review

This time we had the chance to review the 900 Global X2. This ball features the Pod Symmetric core and it is wrapped with the S59 solid coverstock.

The X2 provides a smooth and predictable shape. Personally, when I bowl league I always like to start with a ball that is smooth down the lane with a nice long arc motion, nothing fancy, nothing that go sideways or too angular. This ball is exactly that.

I started bowling in what it is my confort zone, laying the ball around 10 and having 6 as my breakpoint. The X2 seems to have a strong midlane read and a mild response to friction, which allows the ball to transition slowly when it hits the dry part of the lane, providing a smooth and predictable motion. This ball allowed me to play straighter and keep the pocket in front of me, missing outside and the ball offered enough recovery to hit the pocket and misses in the ball never went sideways, it is really smooth and controllable. (I am sorry if I keep using the word “smooth” but if I had to use one word to describe the X2 it will be precisely that one)

When I tried to move in, the ball still had energy to make its move to the pocket, but I noticed that I started hitting light and I left some flat 7 pins. This is not the best option if you need to play steeper angles.

I compared the X2 with another ball from the Tour Preferred series, the Honey Badger. The Honey Badger is a completely different animal and for me these two balls are a great 1-2 punch for most league bowlers. The Honey Badger is way more cleaner and angular than the X2. The Honey Badger saves all the energy for the last part of the lane and it has a faster response to friction. Overall, I feel like the Honey Badger has a little bit more hook potential and it is a great complement to the X2.

Overall, I feel like this ball is one of those balls that will always find a spot in your bag. Either if you are a league bowler or a tournament bowler, the X2 will be a useful weapon to use on most medium oil conditions.

For the league bowler, this ball is a great option when you need to blend the pattern when you are fighting those over/under conditions that most of us see each week during league.

For the tournament bowler, this ball offers a lot of control on flat patterns and short oil conditions.

When you are bowling on tougher conditions, you want a ball that can help you control the breakpoint and have a predictable motion, and this is exactly what the X2 provides, predictability and control.

Thank you for watching!

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