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Motiv Freestyle Rush review by Average Joe Reviews (video and written review)
Old 05-12-2017, 09:38 PM
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Motiv Freestyle Rush review by Average Joe Reviews (video and written review)

The Freestyle Rush is the latest addition to the Motiv lineup for light oil conditions.

I had the chance to try this ball on our house shot pattern, the Kegel Main Street (41') and this ball worked great.

I was able to play in my confort zone, around second arrow and my breakpoint around the 6th, 7th board and the ball gave me a great look for the entire session. This ball is definitely cleaner through the fronts and it has a strong motion down the lane, nothing angular like the Octane Carbon or the Paranoia, but definitely a stronger backend motion than balls like the Tank Rampage or the Freestyle.

I used the ball with its original out of the box surface (5500 LSP) and I found myself really comfortable with the Rush. The ball never wanted to hook too early and it seems that it saves most of its energy for the last part of the lane, but without being too angular as other light oil balls like the Graffiti Tag, which is more angular than the Rush.

When I missed outside 10, the ball offered me plenty of recovery and always found its way back to the pocket and when I missed inside the second arrow the ball had a slower response to friction, allowing me to play different angles.

I compared this ball to the Octane Carbon and the Tank Rampage.

The Octane Carbon is stronger overall, it has more hook potential and it has a faster response to friction than the Rush. The Carbon is at least 5 boards stronger than the Freestyle Rush.

The Tank Rampage is considerable weaker than the Rush. The Rampage is earlier, smoother and it has a slower response to friction. I had to move 6 and 3 left compared to where I was standing while using the Rush.

This ball reminds me a lot of the Octane Carbon, it has a similar motion and similar length, but weaker overall. The Rush is a great complement to the Carbon. Once the Octane Carbon start hooking too much, the Rush will provide a similar length and shape, but it will cover less boards, The Rush is definitely a good step down from the Octane Carbon.

Overall, I am impressed with the Freestyle Rush. It is more versatile than I thought. It can be used after stronger balls start producing too much friction, but it can also be used on fresh using straighter angles.

For me, this ball provides just the right length and the right backend motion to play in my comfort zone in most house shot patterns.

If you are looking for a ball to use on light and medium oil conditions, this ball will be a great addition to your arsenal.

Thank you for watching!

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