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Motiv Jackal Ghost video review by Average Joe Reviews
Old 01-15-2017, 01:05 PM
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Motiv Jackal Ghost video review by Average Joe Reviews

Hello guys! After quite some time we are back with another review, this time we had the chance to review the new Motiv release, the Jackal Ghost.

The Jackal Ghost is the new high performance ball in the Motiv lineup. It uses the assymetric Predator V2 core (a modified version of the original Predator core, and first used in the Jackal LE) and it is wrapped in the new Coercion HFS coverstock, the strongest coverstock ever used in the Jackal line.

The Jackal Ghost is a beast. There is no other way to describe it. The ball reads strong in the mid-lane and has great continuation, something I've never seen on a strong solid asymmetrical before... I know it might sound like a cliche, but trust me, this ball is impressive.

I've been using the Jackal Ghost for about two weeks now. The Ghost never quits. I was able to miss left a lot and the ball always recovered without rolling out or losing a lot of energy. Misses in goes through the head pin 90% of the time, so I was able to open up the lane and play angles I usually can't play on fresh because of my low rev rate. With the Ghost I am able to play inside 15 and the ball still comes back to the pocket, the farther I went I started leaving some corner pins, but I was impressed on how far from my confort zone I was playing.

The Jackal Ghost is a great option for fresh oil and for heavy oil patterns. For strokers like me, with medium to low rev rate and medium to low speed, this ball will be money on almost anything. For tweeners and crankers I am sure it will be a great piece for heavy oil and flat patterns, where you need to control your breakpoint, because the Ghost, strong as it is, provides a lot of control.

The Jackal Ghost is the perfect complement to the Trident. The Ghost is smoother, stronger overall and has a smoother backend motion than the Trident. The Trident is a tad weaker, cleaner and more angular down the lane.

The Jackal Ghost reminded me of my beloved Forza on steroids. It has a similar motion but the Ghost is 10 times stronger than the Forza and has more continuation through the pins.

For those looking for a heavy oil piece, I am sure you are gonna love this ball. I was a fan of the Carnage and the original Jackal, but this ball is way better than both. I am impressed on how much this ball hooks and how predictable it is. For the last two weeks in league, my lowest game has been a 210, and for an Average Joe like me (no pun intended) it is quite an achievement.

If you have any question, advice or suggestion please let me know. I am trying to do my best with the reviews and any word would be truly appreciated.

Thanks for reading and watching!
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Re: Motiv Jackal Ghost video review by Average Joe Reviews
Old 01-19-2017, 05:29 PM
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Re: Motiv Jackal Ghost video review by Average Joe Reviews

10 times stronger than a forza holy moly I am very interested in throwing one these bad boys myself since the forza is still my go to ball.

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