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MOTIV Venom Shock Pearl Video/Review
Old 01-24-2018, 09:38 AM
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MOTIV Venom Shock Pearl Video/Review

Description: The Venom Shock Pearl is the 6th installment in the Venom series and again placed in the lower mid-price range. There is a modification from the Gear Core used in the original Venom Shock, it now has the Top Gear Core. A dual density core which slightly lowered the RG from a 2.48 to 2.47, also used in the Venom Cobra. The Venom Shock Pearl uses a new version of the Hexion Coverstock, (MFP) medium friction pearl.

Reaction: The original Venom Shock is one of my favorite balls, ever. With that being said I am excited to have a cleaner and faster responding one, yet with similar overall hook potential as the Venom Shock. The Venom Shock Pearl hasn’t disappointed me…even with the slightly lower RG Top Gear core it doesn’t seem to lack length and creates great entry angle when the Venom Shock is too smooth. The Venom Shock Pearl has great continuation as well as that great carry that the Venom line is known for. So far, this ball has allowed me to play closer to the oil line on house patterns, it doesn’t force me too deep and the best part is I don’t see that over reaction when it hits frictions because I am a little straighter.

Comparisons: Visually it’s very clear in the differences between the original Venom Shock and Venom Shock Pearl. The Venom Shock clearly starts up sooner and doesn’t respond as fast to friction, if anything the Venom Shock is only stronger due to the difference in out of the box surface. Next, the Lethal Paranoia is similar in length, but provides an even faster response to friction and more hook potential in the oil. I also did a quick surface adjustment with 3000 Abralon to the Venom Shock Pearl, it was noticeably earlier and rounder, but it still provided more shape down lane than a Venom Shock.

Summary: The Venom Shock is a ball that just has always seemed to make the bag no matter what, honestly there are a lot of days I have two. I think the Venom Shock Pearl will also being making the bag no matter what from now on and will become a better option than two original Venom Shocks. This really is that ball that if you loved the original Venom Shock (as most did) you will want this for a great combination.

Mike Magolan
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